Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do you pronounce your name?

A:   “Relia” is pronounced just like the beginning of the word “reliable,” and the letters “I” and “T” are said separately. So, put in a Southern way, we are “Rely-uh Eye Tea.”

Q:  How much do you charge?

A:   Our standard hourly rate is $110.00 for work performed during regular business hours. Our after hours and weekend rate is $165.00 per hour. We charge $275.00 per hour on holidays (and the day the holiday is observed) and work is performed only on an emergency basis. These rates are the same for onsite or remote service calls.

Q:  Where are you located?

A:   We are mobile and located wherever our customers are located. Just call us at 256.415.7001 to discuss your specific needs.

Q:  Can you order equipment?

A:   Yes. We have accounts with major distributors and partnerships with Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Cisco and others. We love matching the right equipment with the right customer.

Q:  Do you sell old laptops, desktops or printers from customers who are getting new ones?

A:   No. Our customers are just like everybody else: if they are spending money to replace equipment, it is for a reason, and, generally, that reason is that there is something wrong with it. We do not want to pass those problems along to other customers.

Q:  What about refurbished equipment?

A:   We only use refurbished parts when necessary to repair a customer's existing equipment. We want everything we sell to be just as reliable as our service, and refurbished equipment has a much lower mean time between failures. (It fails more often, and we want the hardware we sell to be dependable.)

Q:  Do you install phone systems?

A:  We do not install phone systems. We do, however, have relationships with providers who support all major types and brands, such as Samsung, NEC, and Avaya. We will coordinate with them to find the solution that best meets your company's needs.

Q:  Do you design websites?

A:  We do not design websites, but we have trusted contacts in that area, as well. We do offer web and email hosting services.

Q:  Do you install and work on things besides computer equipment?

A:  Yes. We can install televisions, surround sound systems, security cameras, even background music for buildings. Give us a call at 256.415.7001 and find out what Relia IT can do for you!

Q:  How can I contact Relia IT and/or keep up with what you are doing?

A:   Visit our contact page for important phone numbers and email addresses. Also, follow us or like us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. We appreciate your support!

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