Does your network run as fast as it should? Are you utilizing it to its full potential? Is it secure from outside threats? Can you access your data while on the road or at home?

If you can't answer "Yes" to these questions, of if you have questions of your own, call Relia IT. Let us help you get the most bang for your network buck.

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Network Design

Relia IT can implement a new network design based on up-to-date, high quality components, or we can redesign your existing aging infrastructure. Whether it is installing wireless access for handheld scanners on your manufacturing floor, running cabling for a new workstation, setting up remote access to your internal network for mobile users, connecting a branch office to your main office or installing a hardware firewall, Relia IT can handle IT.

Where is your network? Today, it’s wherever you are.

Let’s face it. The business network has expanded from the traditional brick and mortar office into hotel rooms, home offices, and on the road with mobile computing. You must stay connected to your data. It is not only expected, it is required to effectively conduct business in the twenty-first century. Relia IT can securely connect you to your valuable data, wherever that may be.

Relia IT wants to design and implement a network system personalized to fit your business’s unique needs.

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Network Security

Significant advances in networking over the last few years have also presented unique security challenges.

Network security is a major concern for companies of all sizes, but small businesses are often at the most risk due to a lack of knowledgeable network design and limited resources. With a bit of planning and implementation, however, intruders of all types can be turned away “at the door.” A little security can go a long way.

Although the cost of internet bandwidth has decreased significantly, our demands on it have skyrocketed. If you would like to utilize your valuable bandwidth for critical work processes rather than YouTube videos and Facebook feeds, Relia IT can remove these kinds of bandwidth draining applications or block any content you deem unnecessary or inappropriate.

Network security combines the proper setup of a variety of technologies found in the typical small business, including, but not limited to:

All of these will lead to better-night's-sleep security. And if your network isn't quite designed with best practice standards, Relia IT will give you options and recommendations on the best way to get there.

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Network Troubleshooting

When networks are properly designed and installed, they tend to run efficiently with few problems. However, issues do occur in even the most reliable of networks. With all those endpoints and all the "stuff" in between, where do you start troubleshooting?

Relia IT technicians have been troubleshooting networks for many years, enabling us to quickly identify any point of failure.

Many network problems are subtle, making network communication slow and unreliable or intermittent. Knowing how to quickly locate and resolve tese issues can save your office time, money and frustration.

Our team would love to help your business develop and maintain a well-functioning, well-designed network. Let us assist you in maximizing your company’s network speed and efficiency!

Relia IT serves Florence, the Shoals and the surrounding Northwest Alabama area.

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