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Do you have a proven process to recover the data on your PCs and servers if your hardware fails or your operating system becomes corrupted?  If you’re not sure, the answer is probably “no.” And if you think “It will not happen to me” because “It has NEVER happened to me,” you should be thinking, “It hasn’t happened to me YET.”

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Data Backup

Reliable data backup with proven recovery is THE NUMBER ONE most important aspect of your computing environment. Statistics indicate that, after a major data loss, 80 to 90 percent of companies are out of business within two years. Different computing environments and network setups call for different backup strategies, but every business needs one that works.

What data should I back up?  Anything you don’t want to lose. Full servers containing your company’s key information should, of course, be backed up, as well as end user data on individual workstations.

What about my email?  Email is an often overlooked backup area, and the procedure for backing it up depends on what kind of mail server you are using. But considering the amount of important information held in email, contacts and calendars, this backup is just as important as any server data.

How many backups do I need?  It is best to have three copies of your data: the original data, one easily accessible backup, and one offsite copy in case of fire, an act of God, or even a malicious employee.

What if I get busy and forget to run my backup?  Regularly scheduled backups should be as automated as possible, eliminating the need for human interaction. And these backups should be periodically confirmed and tested.

How can Relia IT help me back up my data properly?  There are a wide variety of backup solutions available. The best option will depend on your hardware, your network and your business’s needs. Relia IT can assess your technology environment and make the recommendations that will best fit your company.

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Data Protection

The goal of data protection is to ensure information system uptime, data integrity and availability, and business continuity. Data protection used to involve simply backing up servers to tape. Now, you can back up data to a number of different types of media and even to online backup destinations.

Data protection includes more than just backup. It also consists of antivirus protection, firewall implementation, patch management, remote device security and more. The complex and distributed nature of current business computing environments presents unique challenges in maintaining reliable data. Most small businesses do not have the resources to stay abreast of these technologies, much less implement them. But Relia IT does and can bring the right solutions straight to you.

We offer data protection solutions from vendors like:

We also support many others.

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Data Recovery

Data RecoveryIf you've lost data due to accidental deletion, software corruption, or device failure, you need data recovery.  This is the step you never want to consider taking. However, if and when you must, you want to know that your data is in competent, experienced hands.

Relia IT knows that the need for data recovery never comes at a good time. However, we will be there after a server or PC "crash," when that important spreadsheet disappears, or following a severe weather event.

Relia IT can recover data from damaged, erased, formatted or otherwise corrupted hard drives, removable media drives, even RAID arrays. We will get you back up and running with your recovered data quickly.

When something catastrophic, or a little less extreme, occurs in your computing environment, Relia IT wants to be your data recovery resource.