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Relia IT Joins Shoals Chamber of Commerce

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Relia IT is excited and honored to announce our membership in the Shoals Chamber of Commerce, an organization composed of businesses that contribute daily to the economic growth of the Shoals area.

We look forward to interacting with other Chamber members and participating in the Chamber’s community, education, marketing and workforce development projects. Office Manager Cheryl Milligan, who previously volunteered as a presenter for the Chamber’s CHOICES program, has seen firsthand the impact that the Chamber programs can make in the lives of others, including high school students.

Through its membership with the Chamber, Relia IT wants to plant firm roots in the Shoals as a leader in not only computer repair and consulting services, but also business to business relationships and community involvement. Our team is dedicated and committed to making a difference - in offices AND in the community. It's Easier (and Cheaper) Than You Might Think

Do your customers instantly recognize you AND your business when they see your email address? Is it one they can easily remember without writing it down? If the end is tagged with Yahoo, Gmail or, the answer is, “Probably not.” At a time when people take more interest in email addresses than street ones, your email address becomes a vital component of your business. You can take some relatively inexpensive steps to make it a recognizable asset.

Investing in a .com, .net and/or .org domain allows you to (1) secure your business identity online, (2) interact with your customers on a more professional level and (3) better plan for your future web presence. Provided it is available, Relia IT can register your domain of choice for $10 to $15 per year. We can also setup and host your new personalized email accounts.

And when you are ready to publish your company’s web site, we can host that for you, too, bundling your website and email hosting expenses and, in essence, providing a one-stop hosting solution. Best of all, we are a local Shoals business, based right here in Florence, Alabama, so we can answer your questions and address your issues personally and promptly.

To learn more about the advantages of owning your own domain and how easy it is to begin using this domain in all of your company communications, contact Relia IT now. It really is that simple. Let’s start making IT – and your company’s web presence – all about you today!

Yes, We Can Order It for You, Too

“I know you work on computers,” people often say. “Can you order them, too?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Relia IT can order your hardware and software, as well as install it. And, because we customize the order specifically to fit your unique needs, you can rest assured that we are not simply selling you a product we need to move out of inventory.

At Relia IT, we have partnerships with some tremendous companies, including Dell and Cisco, but we can be, and are, flexible with our solutions. We have accounts with several distributors and we do our absolute best to ensure that we provide you with the optimal equipment at optimal prices. In addition, we can activate and renew your anti-virus and maintenance agreements with companies such as Trend, Symantec and Cisco.

So, whether you are interested in a new desktop or a new anti-virus solution, contact us for a free quote. Start making your IT all about you today!