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Relia IT Links Up With Lenovo

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist

Relia IT is now teaming up with Lenovo, a global leader in laptops, desktops, tablets, workstations, servers and other products.

Lenovo says: “Innovation is in our DNA.” Adherence to that core value can be seen in their latest offerings, like the IdeaPad Yoga and the ThinkPad Twist, which run Windows 8, feature a touch screen monitor, and easily convert from laptop to tablet and back again.

By partnering with Lenovo, Relia IT will better provide its customers with the best products to maximize productivity and meet their ever changing technology requirements.

The Lenovo brand reinforces Relia IT’s own philosophy, “Where IT is all about YOU.” It is fresh. It is dynamic. And it allows us to offer our customers an entirely new line of cutting edge technology solutions and options tailored to fit their unique needs.

Happy 1st Birthday, Relia IT!

Happy 1st BirthdayFriday, June 1, 2012, marked a pretty special day for Relia IT. It represented the one year anniversary of the official start of our business and one year of providing quality, personalized IT solutions to businesses in the Shoals.

To our customers, we want to extend a special “thank you.” We are blessed with wonderful clients, and we are grateful for and humbled by the support you have given us.  We look forward to building our relationships and making your IT all about you in the months and years to come!

To our family and friends, who have supported us with prayers and encouragement, not only during the past year, but throughout our lives, we offer our deepest appreciation. We love you and hope you share in our joy as we continue this journey.

To the new acquaintances we have met through the Shoals Chamber of Commerce and other outlets, like Facebook, we cannot wait to get to know you better.

We are excited about where technology, and Relia IT, is headed. If the first year is any indication, it is going to be a terrific ride!


Do We Have a Dell for You?

Dell LogoYou want to get the biggest bang for your computer buck, right? If you are looking for a quality laptop, desktop or server at a competitive price, we may just have the Dell for you.

Relia IT is honored to partner with Dell because, let’s face it: when it comes to PCs and servers, few (if any) brands are more recognizable. In the last 26 years, Dell has become a global technology leader that prides itself on “customer driven innovation” as well as superior customer service and affordable warranties.

Relia IT knows and believes in Dell products. In fact, President and Primary Technician Charles Milligan began his IT career with Dell in Austin, Texas, troubleshooting the OptiPlex line. He can effectively assist you with system setup and any issues you might encounter down the road.

So, before you snatch up and head to the Sam’s or Best Buy cash register with that “terrific deal” on a laptop or PC, call Relia IT and get a quote on a Dell product. We will assess your needs and make a personalized recommendation, providing you with a detailed listing of specifications and features along with the price. That way, you can more actually compare “apples to apples.”

Then, you can make an educated choice: “Dell or no Dell.”